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Marketing Automation

Stay in touch with your customers

Email marketing is a fundamental service for managing one's communications and making the presence of one's company feel to the customer, to the contact, and to those who are not yet. Request information

What is email marketing for us

It is therefore an important tool to be exploited to increase the online visibility of your site - and therefore of your business. In fact, it helps to manage the communications to be sent to different types of targets - our service helps you to manage personalized communications according to the type of sending, then being able to monitor statistics, data, mailings and user lists with the utmost ease.

But can an email marketing automation platform work on its own? As sophisticated as it is, no; it works best if inserted in a global digital marketing strategy - in this way it supports the site, to share content, landing pages, insights and communications useful for a given target - making the brand known, or giving information on new products and services, but also, why not, nurturing after the conversion. In an e-commerce it can be used to suggest new products after the purchase, to complete a cart, to offer complementary services. To feel close to the customer.

Marketing Automation

A very important part of a good Digital Strategy consists in communicating with your contacts - whether they are more or less interested - with targeted communications, which arrive at the right time and at the right target. Our email marketing automation service works exactly like this, it helps you find new contacts and consolidate those already obtained. In short, it helps you to stay in touch with your customers in the simplest and most targeted way. Making yourself known and growing your business.


What we do to get you noticed

The newsletters we offer are useful, high-performance and easy-to-use e-mail marketing tools. Since they offer multiple possibilities for monitoring mailings, we study the data and statistics together with the customer to understand which type of communication to send, at what time, and how often. In addition, thanks to Jeenius, our email marketing automation platform, it is possible to:

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Always have the sending data and opening statistics under control

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Schedule and send different communications to different contact lists

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Organize email addresses in customizable and filterable lists

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Monitor mailings with statistics on the number of views, openings and internal clicks

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Automated checking and skimming of e-mails for always correct sending

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Manage the Customer Satisfaction service, sending targeted and self-composing questionnaires according to the different needs and purposes of use.

Marketing Automation
why us

We do not limit ourselves to offering email marketing automation services

we also provide training for customers, guiding them towards an aware Digital Transformation path, giving them the right tools to better understand the importance of this tool, and to exploit it in the most efficient way, working side by side. We integrate email marketing into a tailor-made digital strategy with all the other services useful for the specific case.

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