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Digital Transformation

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Starting a Digital Transformation path that is well structured, solid and studied with integrated and complete strategies in every detail, for each platform and target, on the specific measures of the company, is now essential. We are in the business of supporting companies, of different sectors and sizes, to embark on or consolidate this path to expand their business and to assume a competitive advantage that will become fundamental in the immediate future.


Our added value lies in the breadth of the services we offer, in the possibility of exploiting them in a synergistic way according to specific needs, and in being able to count on training and assistance focused on the knowledge of digital logic. These are services that must be mixed in a scalable way according to the right measure, for context and availability.

We offer a complete and perfectly integrated strategy

We recommend the right services for your goals, also creating complex and tailor-made strategies, designed to take advantage of the specificities of the different tools.

Digital Transformation


Digital Transformation is a change, now imperative, in the mindset and approach of the company, which inserts digital dynamics into what was primarily an offline valence (a change at different levels, both marketing, post-sales support, and feedback).

It doesn't just mean moving from an offline to an online business - it's a total transformation, which also involves the company's organization, production processes, market outlook, management of customers, products, supplies, assistance. This implies a growth of competences, to approach the public, the suppliers, namely the new protagonists present on this scene.


We provide those digital skills that the client, due to its history and structure, may not have. This can be valid for companies that are not very structured or historic (where we often act in total outsourcing with targeted strategies) or for other larger companies that need support in transporting offline logics to the digital dimension, thereby expanding their user base. The logic behind this type of consultancy is that of training according to need (SaaS type).

It also means that we activate loyalty processes, inform customers, keep them up-to-date, create brand awareness - because the digital logic continues beyond conversion, while in offline this "accompaniment" is much rarer and more difficult.

The goal is to support businesses (both manufacturing and more commercial in nature) in this transition, which generally have a more offline business - one that works less today, or one that can work better and more broadly with a global showcase. We do this:

  • with a more consultative first step - survey to understand the target, the context, the company, the goals. We always start with data, which used to be much more difficult because it was more difficult to collect KPIs and reliable data, while now we have much more of it available for decision making;
  • we elaborate a customized digital strategy composed of one or more services that work in synergy, accompanying and training the client along this path;
  • a first level can obviously be the creation or improvement of the website, in order to show its presence;
  • the website must then be made visible, through SEO activities and Adv campaigns. It is a way to emphasize and highlight the client's offer, bringing it to its target;

We then help companies (especially SMEs) to monitor and follow calls for proposals from institutions, regions, EU, designed just to start this type of path. We support companies in the acquisition of the funds of the calls, as well as in the planning and exploitation of the service.

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