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What is a website for us?

The Website represents the digital showcase, designed and built to be easily visible and navigable by all those who are looking for a specific type of product or service. A virtual place designed to live a simple and intuitive experience for a captivating Customer Journey. For us, a good site knows how to combine graphics and text, speed and functionality to respond quickly to user questions. And above all, it does it from both desktop and mobile, from where most of the searches now take place.

Web Development

What is meant by E-Commerce instead? Quite simply your shop on the internet, but faster, easier and more intuitive, to ensure the user a fun, safe and smooth experience.


What do we do for your site?

Data analysis, study of the customer and his needs are the first steps to create the most performing and functional website, always respecting the brand's graphic and Tone of Voice criteria. At the same time, we study the most appropriate solutions for a possible e-commerce, depending on the product offered, the type of target, the logistical availability of the company. This is just the beginning of what NUR can do for your website and e-commerce, such as:

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Study the data of the existing site and propose the creation of a new ad hoc site or the restyling of the current one to improve its performance

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Evaluate if you have only one institutional site, if there is a need to create an e-commerce, and of what type

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Develop customer and order master data, creating easy-to-use user areas and implementing the most popular payment methods within it

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Reporting on traffic quality and website or e-commerce performance

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Combining technical performance with quality UX and Customer Journey, both from desktop and mobile

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Implementation of dedicated customer care

Web Development
why us

Non ci occupiamo semplicemente di creare siti web e e-commerce flessibili, personalizzati e performanti

Forniamo anche la consulenza per guidare i clienti verso un percorso di Digital Transformation consapevole e sempre più autonomo. Diamo gli strumenti necessari per capire al meglio l'importanza di questi strumenti, e per sfruttarli nel modo più efficiente. Integriamo il sito web con tutti gli altri servizi utili al caso specifico, per spingerlo al massimo delle sue possibilità.

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