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What is Social Media Marketing for us?

Social networks represent modern communication channels, accessible by the general public. Innovative tools that allow the individual user to create, share and exchange content through different methods. These virtual platforms have the main characteristic of being close to the user, thus becoming essential elements in the digital marketing strategies of a company, whether it operates in the B2B or B2C sector, whether it is small, medium or large.

Social Media

Today, being social is at the center of everything; Why shouldn't your company be too? Our Social Media Marketing services help to spread the brand's personality, its history and values ​​with communication focused on the customer, services and products offered. An overall brand awareness activity designed to get in touch with the user, create a community and work simultaneously on both brand notoriety and product awareness in a digital funnel.


What we do for your brand:

Social Media Marketing is a plural service suitable for all businesses and companies wishing to build a strategic profile on social networks. Thanks to a synergistic work of corporate strategy and marketing, we can achieve various objectives, with activities that include:

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Knowledge of the customer to define objectives, targets and value propositions together with him

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Building a communication strategy based on the client's objectives

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Definition of the best channels to monitor (Ex: LinkedIn for a more professional and B2B use, Facebook and Instagram to address a wider audience)

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Setting up and managing an editorial plan, working side by side with the client and defining the contents to be pushed together with him

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Community management

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Social performance reporting

Social Media
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We don't just manage our clients' social channels

We also deal with consultancy and training to guide them towards an aware and increasingly autonomous Digital Transformation path. We provide the necessary tools to better understand the importance of the tool, and to use it in the most efficient way. We integrate social media into a tailor-made digital strategy with all the other services useful for the specific case.

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