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What is ADV for us:

Digital Advertising is the set of paid promotional strategies and initiatives that exploit digital channels to increase the online visibility of a business, its services and its products. Digital Advertising initiatives allow you to reach potential target customers with your brand, through personalized communication, which differs according to the objectives to be achieved. The aims can be divided into three macro-areas:

  • Brand Awareness, to increase the awareness of a brand
  • Lead Generation, to obtain new business contacts and therefore potential customers
  • E-Commerce support, to push the sales of an Online Shop
Digital Advertising

The process of creating and managing campaigns is fundamental for us, because it allows us to oversee the major advertising channels and intercept the user at various touchpoints of his digital experience, from initial awareness to nurturing, up to loyalty. In a world guided by the logic of digital channels, which influence purchasing decisions along the entire journey made by the user, building a Digital Adv Strategy is no longer a negligible choice.


What we do to help you reach your target:

Digital Advertising is a crossroads, a complex service that combines marketing strategies, executive tools and results reports. A multifaceted sector, which in addition to advertising platforms can rely on tools such as landing pages and newsletters to keep the different souls within it connected. Our Digital Advertising proposal includes:

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Analysis of the reference market, of how the product is positioned, and analysis of the competition

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Drafting of a strategy that defines the most suitable channels, types of campaigns and tools to achieve the set objectives

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Estimation of the achievable results defined in the strategy

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Consulting in the opening of promotional accounts and setting of advertising campaigns

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Monitoring and optimization of campaigns through data analysis and interpretation

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Reporting and periodic alignment with the customer to evaluate the progress of the advertising campaigns

Digital Advertising
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We do not limit ourselves to offering Digital Advertising services

We also provide training for customers, guiding them towards an aware and increasingly autonomous Digital Transformation path, giving them the tools to better understand the importance of the tool, and to use it in the most efficient way. We integrate the campaigns into a tailored digital strategy with all the other services useful for the specific case - such as the creation of content integrated into the campaigns, such as newsletters, landing pages, social posts and much more.

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