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International e-Commerce sales in the home textile sector.

blumarine home


Blumarine Home is a famous Italian brand present in the world of fashion and home furnishings, as well as luxury linens for the home. It is an activity with over 25 years of experience in creating collections with a recognizable style and undoubted quality.

The goal that has been set for us, and to which we are met every day, is to "increase sales on the international digital channel". A challenge that immediately raised the bar and to which we aimed with a multi-channel strategy with a performing mix of SEO, Advertising cross media campaigns and Marketing Automation, together with the continuous attention of the UX and Insights of the project.

Sectors of intervention:

  • Fashion
  • Home furnishing
Blumarine Home


We monitor and closely monitor the user's Customer Journey through the different steps of the Funnel on which we are constantly working, ensuring that users come into contact with the project and are attracted (to get in touch) by the product catalog with the purpose to bring them into conversion with the purchase - if not immediately, then certainly later, with a constant activity of nurturing. In fact, marketing automation and remarketing activities reflect the intentions of undecided users.
Campaigns on the Search network, on the Display network and Shopping for Google Ads combined with prospecting, email address acquisition and remarketing campaigns for Facebook Ads in addition to the activation of Marketing Automation logic are bringing the project into constant double-digit growth.


To date, we have recorded a progressive increase in sales on the company's properties, as well as an increase in organic visibility.


Turnover Eshop

Triple-digit increase from 2020 to 2021 by recording ecommerce sales.


Transactions Growth

Between the first half of 2021, compared with the previous year, transactions on the site increased by 5 times.


Qualified traffic

The significant increase from one year to the next in accesses to the site by target users.

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