10 HP

10 hp


10HP is a business focused on motorcycle clothing and accessories. The company has a physical store, where they offer a wide range of motorcycle clothing products from top brands, along with accessories, helmets, and everything needed for different types of biking.

10HP's main goal was to come up with an effective strategy for selling their products online to individual customers (B2C). We started by creating a new and efficient online shopping platform that's connected to their inventory management system. They also wanted a dependable long-term partner like Nur to help them figure out how to market their products online and make the most of their resources to increase sales.

10 HP

Within a few months, we built a new e-commerce platform, set up social media accounts and launched advertising campaigns on social media and Google. Over the years, their sales have been consistently growing.


10HP needed a single provider to handle all aspects of the project and to create a plan for the next few years, including Consultative Support. We started by creating the e-commerce, carefully designing the structure and user experience, considering how regular customers behave online and what the brand wants to achieve.

Then we put the Digital Strategy into action to increase their sales. We use search engine optimization (SEO) to work on both general and long-tail keywords, reaching different types of potential customers. The service also utilizes AI to create content that's not only technically effective but also meaningful to users.

We run Google Ads and Meta campaigns and add pop-up ads on their website, focusing on attracting users who are close to making a purchase.

Using Email Marketing and Marketing Automation, we concentrate on keeping existing customers engaged, creating personalized content and targeting users based on how they interact with 10HP's online channels.

Their future plan involves expanding their business internationally and selling their products online to customers in Europe and around the world. This story showcases a successful partnership with a small business that saw huge potential for revenue growth through digital channels.

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