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Pompea is one of the most well-known Italian B2C brands nationally in the field of clothing and underwear for men, women and children. It creates products with high innovation: technology at service for daily comfort. The company uses advanced and sustainable yarns to craft high-quality, comfortable and stylish products that are accessible to everyone.

The challenge that the company has been addressing with NUR since 2022 is to enhance the brand's value, expand the digital community and increase e-commerce conversions through omni-channel communication.


Through a data-driven and user-centered strategy, the partnership between Pompea and Nur continues to yield positive results.


Users on e-commerce


Number of e-commerce orders


E-commerce sell-out

over 5,404,687

Social impressions (FB)


Beginning with an analysis of Pompea's online presence, NUR Digital Marketing created an integrated and comprehensive digital strategy. All internal departments collaborated with the company's marketing managers towards the shared goal of strengthening Pompea's digital identity.

The strategy we developed from the collected data involves numerous communication channels: the SEO activity on the e-commerce site pompea.com, online advertising campaigns, social media, data analysis with interactive dashboards, and the connection between the website and the physical retail channel.

Initially, we focused on a strategy to boost online sales. For this, we structured Paid Advertising campaigns on Google and Facebook, employing a series of funnel-oriented campaigns. Thanks to continuous data collection, results have become increasingly positive while costs have decreased.

Simultaneously, we worked on strengthening the brand's online presence and targeted audience traffic. The SEO activity, leveraging Artificial Intelligence opportunities, led to an increase in qualified traffic on the e-commerce site, positively influencing user conversion rates.

Subsequently, to encourage interactions and user engagement, we developed a Social Media Marketing strategy on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. The need to better oversee social media channels led to the creation of a global, monthly, and weekly editorial plan that serves as a basis for more user-centered content and creativity.

As the collaboration continues and thrives, we work with greater synergy among the channels, supporting evolving goals such as launching new stores, promoting new collections, and expanding into foreign markets.

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