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Less is more, for your Digital Adv too


Less is more, for your Digital Adv too

Dear entrepreneur, who is approaching digital marketing for the first time... Also you, dear marketer with the "let's do everything, asap" mindset...

This article is for you!

You decided to advertise your company, your products, your web services and you found the right agency for you. You also set a budget and a timeframe for these activities. When asked on which channels you prefer to invest, the answer is only one: ALL!

Well, dear entrepreneur - but also you, dear marketer, who hopes to earn more money by supporting your client in this "digital madness" - let me tell you a secret.

Even in the field of digital advertising there is a very old and fundamental principle:


What does it mean? I am going to tell you in practical terms.

Less and better: The Adv Strategy

Let's imagine that you split your budget on all the existing digital adv platforms, spending even more than you thought and paying many working hours to the web agency in charge (very happy with it).

After 2-3 months of activity the scenario you are given is more or less like this: one channel, where your target audience is present, is bringing you good results at a sustainable cost for your business.

All the others, however, where you are investing perhaps even more, are not serving any purpose other than to make "volume" for the digital marketer who is presenting that data. 

That's why the Less is more principle applies, and here's what you should ask yourself (or a savvy web agency should ask you) before jumping into digital advertising head-first:

  • Who is my ideal customer?
  • According to his habits, where does he spend the most time online? On social media, which ones? On Google to search for information?
  • What kind of message or content is likely to make him interested in my company, product or service?

Well, dear entrepreneur, only after answering these questions you will really be able to decide which are the most suitable channels to invest in, those where there will be more chances for you to take advantage of them. Quantity doesn't always pay, but a precise strategy on the right channel certainly does. And this is what we try to do in the Digital Advertising department of NUR. 

P.S. This thought also applies to all those marketers who immediately aim at the highest profit, forgetting that a client who is happy with the results will always be more inclined to renew the collaboration and tell your name to other companies. 

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