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Search engine optimization is one of the first strategies to put in place in order to increase the organic online visibility of a site - and therefore of your business. It includes a series of technical and content improvements designed to make a brand found by a user who is looking for a certain service or product.


But can it work on its own? Generally no, SEO works best when incorporated into an overall digital marketing strategy - so it allows you to increase traffic and organic visits to your site, understand what content to offer, what the user is searching for and what they see. SEO helps create a site that is appealing and on target for the search engine and the user. A visibility strategy cannot ignore SEO, because it is the basis for understanding whether a site is useful, performing and usable - if it can therefore be a reliable basis for the project.


It is essential for us to combine the technical part with the content and usability: we optimize and improve the three crucial elements to present a useful and easily usable site, so both from the technical point of view, UX and content.


SEO is a medium and long term service, which brings results over time. For this reason, we work on projects even complex and long-term, starting from an analysis of the data of the initial situation to propose the best solution to have a site as performing and usable as possible, which includes, among other things:

  • Creation of a new site, or restyling of content, graphics and architecture of the existing site
  • Technical optimizations of the site to improve performance in terms of usability, speed, responsiveness
  • Content optimization and creation of new content
  • Strategic reporting - quarterly, but also more frequent data reading and analysis, in addition to the final Site Analysis Report. Data analysis and strategic consulting are equally important here. We have dedicated and specialized figures, we follow the client at the beginning (to propose the strategy), during (for the different improvements) and at the end for the reporting and the evaluation of possible other interventions.
  • In addition to the operational part we also provide consulting - we do SEO on sites developed by us but we provide support (initial analysis and strategic consulting) also for sites not developed by us.


We don't just offer SEO services, but we also do training for clients, guiding them towards a conscious Digital Transformation path, giving them the right tools to better understand the importance of the tool, and to exploit it in the most efficient way, working side by side with us. We integrate SEO into a tailor-made digital strategy with all the other services useful for the specific case - SEO is the base but works together with other services to reach the set goal.

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