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Among the main objectives of a brand that provides products and services is certainly to be able to offer them to the widest possible audience, obviously in target with its business. In order to do this, it is necessary to make the best use of the opportunities offered by the digital world. The Internet is a great showcase, but not everyone occupies the same space, and it's not always easy to get your products noticed or to offer them in a convincing way. We work in different directions to increase the performance of your e-commerce.


We analyze the data of each client in order to elaborate strategies for complex and articulated projects for medium-large companies, both in the B2B and B2C fields - the latter being particularly suitable for the creation of an online store. We manage projects in different areas for brands operating in a wide range of sectors, including sophisticated and less well-known ones. We help companies that are starting their Digital Transformation path, or want to consolidate it.

We offer a complete and perfectly integrated strategy

We recommend the right services for your goals, also creating complex and tailor-made strategies, designed to take advantage of the specificities of the different tools.



Increasing the performance of an e-commerce requires a secure, professionally managed and engaging digital brand presence. An online shop is a door to your world, a way to provide services and products quickly, effectively and safely, but also to establish a deep and lasting relationship with the user.

To do this, it is necessary to offer a high-level, effective and repeatable Customer Journey. That's why, in our projects, we combine the UX part with the economic yield and sales performance. The goal is to offer the perfect navigation environment for the user. To increase or consolidate the redemptions, we combine different assets instead:

  • visibility assets, with activities such as SEO, Digital Adv Plan specific to advertising budgets for the dissemination and presence of products on Search Engines or third party sites, exploiting product feeds, working on Google Shopping and RTB platforms or working on the dynamic display part;
  • social media marketing, because social platforms play a now fundamental role on the advertising side especially with remarketing campaigns, and to bring the brand among consumers;
  • marketing automation - we help the client to pay attention to abandoned carts in order to install a dialogue even with "uncertain" or unconvinced users, transforming them into purchases;
  • Adv campaigns - in the life cycle of e-commerce, adding an advertising plan allows you to manage product launches and promotions geo-localized and timed, perhaps even taking advantage of discount codes for particular periods (sales, Black Friday, industry discounts);
  • the use of Analytics is fundamental in order to always have the lifetime value of products at hand, as well as various data such as average receipts, purchase flows and all the analytical data related to conversions, useful for managing campaigns and integrated strategies.
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