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We recommend the right services for your goals by also creating complex and tailor-made strategies

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The different social channels are decisive in the customer's choices, and to make their brand known to the right audience. To do this, however, you need a professional social media management service, designed to improve the visibility of your business with targeted content for specific targets and objectives. We work in several directions to increase your brand's presence on social networks.


One of the main objectives for each brand is to get noticed online, so as to reach people, more or less interested users. The internet is a great showcase, but not everyone occupies the same space, and it's not always easy to highlight your business - especially on social media!

We offer a complete and perfectly integrated strategy

We recommend the right services for your goals, also creating complex and tailor-made strategies, designed to take advantage of the specificities of the different tools.

Social Presence

What we do for your visibility

Social media contribute to transferring the personality of the brand, that complex and unique set of value propositions, history and values, and are therefore fundamental in the brand awareness process, as well as to show new services and products and to get in touch with the 'user. Consolidating your image on social networks requires a secure digital presence of the brand, managed in a professional and captivating way. There are many different social channels and tools that can make your brand better known, but not all of them are suitable. Our team works to offer you the ideal tools to increase the online presence and visibility of your business, indicating, curating and proposing content for the most suitable channels for you.

  • Competitor analysis and study of the brand's social presence; indication of the most correct social channels to monitor
  • Opening and management of social channels in a professional, captivating way and in line with the different targets
  • Customer care
  • Creative proposals and editorial plan
  • Reporting and monitoring of performance and engagement

Choose Nur to make yourself visible

We study strategies for complex and articulated social projects for medium-large companies, both in the B2B and B2C fields. We manage projects in different areas for brands that operate in various sectors, even sought after and less well-known. We help companies that are starting their Digital Transformation journey, or that are continuing it.

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