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Data analysis

If it is not measurable, it is not improvable
The core of every service for a tailored strategy

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Before a service, before a strategy, before anything, we start with the careful analysis of data. Everything we do and propose is based on it - not on experience, or perception. Data analysis follows the whole project - from the preliminary proposal phase to the actual processing, to the closing, to verify the results achieved and set new strategies to further improve them. Data is our constant.


Data analysis is our constant, and it happens at all times, for every type of service (from social to SEO, from campaigns to e-commerce). We study the client, analyze the site and competitors, see what data needs to be tracked, and start measuring, right away. Without measurement there is no strategy.

We offer a complete and perfectly integrated strategy

We recommend the right services for your goals, also creating complex and tailor-made strategies, designed to take advantage of the specificities of the different tools.

Data analysis

To propose a service, we study and interpret the data before, during and after; the strategy is then recommended precisely on the basis of the data collected - and the objectives that need to be achieved. This analysis allows us to create strategies and make targeted decisions about the client, according to the goals they set.

Unity is strength

We analyze different types of data at every stage of the project, using software and platforms among the most popular (such as those provided by Google Facebook), crossing real data and estimates obtained from external tools in order to work, together with the customer, on a broad and well-defined picture that allows to make the best decisions. Among the data we monitor, there are:

  • Site data obtained through Google Analytics
  • Search Console for the SEO section
  • Data for campaigns and CPC obtained from Google Ads, Facebook Business, Linkedin, Bing, email marketing software such as Jeenius (or MailChimp)
  • Market data from sites like Statista
  • Real data that are cross-referenced with estimates obtained from some of the most popular external tools, such as competitor monitoring through SEMRush.

Finally, we use Data Studio to aggregate data from a variety of sources to create custom dashboards for data visualization - providing an intelligible visualization of the data in relation to the client's specific marketing objectives.

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