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Social media are extremely pervasive channels that, due to their characteristics of proximity to the user, can not be ignored during the setting of marketing strategies (not only digital strategies) of a company, whether it operates mainly B2B or B2C, or whether it is small, medium or large.


Social media help to transfer the personality of the brand. That sort of complex and unique set of value propositions, history and values, helps to put the customer at the center and give emotional impact to communication. They are fundamental in the process of brand awareness, but also to show new services and products as well as to get in touch with the user. They help to create a community and work simultaneously on both brand awareness and product awareness. In a digital funnel, social strategy can be present at all stages.


Today, being social is at the center of everything; why shouldn't your company be, too?


Social Media Marketing is a complex service, which must be carried out in a professional and not "amateur" way, if you want it to bring concrete results. It works in synergy with many other elements and logics of corporate marketing - the presentation of new products or services, the corporate values to be communicated, the choice of channels and content to hit a specific target, the adoption of a specific tone of voice.


It's a service that hooks into others to achieve set goals (e.g. to site content, landing pages, blog articles). It combines strategy, execution, and reporting - three interconnected worlds that talk to each other. How? For example:

  • We get to know the client and define objectives, targets and value proposition together with them;
  • We build the communication proposal, on the basis of objectives and budget, finding the best channels to preside over (LinkedIn for a more professional and B2B use, Facebook and Instagram to address even wider targets);
  • Setting up and managing an editorial plan, working side by side with the client to define the content to push;
  • Community management;
  • Social performance reporting;
  • Consulting that allows the company - both those who deal with marketing but, by extension, every employee - to come to the right awareness of social tools for the business.


We don't simply manage our clients' social channels, but we also provide consulting and training to guide them towards a conscious and increasingly autonomous Digital Transformation path. We give the necessary tools to better understand the importance of the tool, and to exploit it in the most efficient way. We integrate social networks in a tailor-made digital strategy with all the other services useful for the specific case.

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