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digital advertising


It is a set of paid promotional initiatives that exploit digital channels, with paid campaigns to increase the online visibility of a business - and therefore of its services and products; but the objectives can be very different from time to time and can generally be divided into three macro-areas:

  • Visibility
  • Lead Generation
  • E-commerce support


The process of creating and managing campaigns is fundamental for us - and it should be for any business that aims to make itself truly known to an increasingly large audience - because it aims to intercept the user at different moments of their digital experience (intercepting them at various touchpoints, from initial awareness to final retention and nurturing).


With the ever-increasing use of digital channels, which influence purchase decisions along the entire path taken by the user, presiding over major advertising channels is no longer an option.


Digital Advertising is like a crossroads, a complex service that involves many other elements and substantial logics of business marketing - within it there is the dialogue with the marketing manager who has to present a new product or service, the choice of channels and content to hit a given target, the various tools, and the reporting of results. This is a hybrid area, which hooks into other services to achieve the set goals (e.g. through newsletter/landing page platforms). It combines strategy, execution, and reporting - three interconnected worlds that talk to each other; we don't see them as airlocks, so we make them work together. How? For example:

  • We get to know the client and define objectives, targets and value proposition with them;
  • We build the strategic proposal, on the basis of objectives and budget, finding the best channels to preside over, for example with Search campaigns (especially Google, but Bing and possibly other Adv tools such as comparators, and new platforms such as Amazon Advertising) and Social (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and possibly Twitter);
  • Setting up of campaigns and suitable tools;
  • Campaign optimization based on collected data;
  • Multi-channel reporting of Adv performance - goals are quantified, measured and campaigns are designed to achieve concrete results. This is the big difference in the business unit (because social is not measured) that makes Digital Adv the most measurable and quantifiable industry.


We don't just offer Digital Advertising services, but we also provide training for clients, guiding them towards a conscious and increasingly autonomous Digital Transformation path, giving them the tools to better understand the importance of the tool, and to exploit it in the most efficient way. We integrate the campaigns in a tailored digital strategy with all the other services useful to the specific case - such as the creation of content integrated to the campaigns, such as newsletters, landing pages, social posts and much more.

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